My name is Audrey Hörmann and I am pleased that my non-profit project has sparked your interest. You might have passed the yellow house on the corner today by chance. Perhaps friends or acquaintances told you about my exhibition space. 

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to delve into the new, fascinating, and sometimes even alienating worlds of time-based art. Here, at regular intervals, I will be showing videos by various artists whose work either means something to me or who grapple with the questions of our time. Most importantly, they engage the level of personal experience where art takes effect: It could be a moment of pause, confusion, surprise, or a shift in perspective that allows us to better share and connect with others in the world. 

The choice of artists shown here reflects my own interest in art, its themes and the people behind it. Art – especially video art, in all its media manifestations and topical diversity – has fascinated me for some time.

Those who collect contemporary art (as I do) are also collecting artifacts/documents of our time that can open new perspectives, raise questions, or prompt critical engagement with social issues. This venue is an attempt to create just that: a place of dialogue and engagement (via art) in Bielefeld. An unobtrusive venue, but one that hopefully arouses curiosity and can be experienced en passant

I have shown video art in a cinema setting before. With this exhibition space, I have created a framework that allows me to invite artists to screen their work for a wider audience over the course of several weeks. I am thrilled that these artworks that have moved and stayed with me can now be seen in public: whether in passing or lingering – it’s up to you. 

Posted on our website are texts and videos offering insight into the featured artists and artworks. 

If you do make it to Bielefeld, stop by Dornberger Straße 2 at the corner of Wertherstraße. Any videos currently on view will run on a continuous loop after dark. 

Let me know what’s on your mind. I look forward to hearing from you!

Audrey Hörmann